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Certified and Licensed Professionals

Highly qualified, with the certifications to prove it

The professionally licensed environmental consultants at Phase Engineering are involved in more than 1,000 nationwide environmental site assessments and property condition assessments annually. 

As a certified engineering firm and geoscientist firm, Phase Engineering is qualified to ensure detailed reporting that satisfies environmental standards and regulations in the following areas: 


Phase is a Licensed Asbestos Consultant Agency. Our staff’s training and licensing in the following areas allow us to conduct asbestos inspections and abatement project management:

  • Consultant
  • Project Designer
  • Management Planner
  • Air Monitoring
  • Inspector

Indoor Air Quality

Phase is a Licensed Mold Assessment Company. The Texas Mold Assessment and Remediation Rules require contractors to be properly licensed by the state and to follow minimum work practices. We currently hold licenses for the following:

  • Mold Assessment Technician
  • Mold Assessment Consultant
  • Mold Assessment Company


As a Certified Lead Firm, Phase’s staff has years of experience evaluating work that may disturb paint or coated surfaces in older properties. Our licensed workers include:

  • Risk Assessor
  • Inspector

Storage Tanks

Phase is registered and licensed with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) to determine and report the extent of petroleum storage leaks or potential leaks. Phase is also qualified to create plans for site cleanup of surface and subsurface contamination, site closure, and post-remediation monitoring or any other action reasonably necessary to protect public health and environmental safety. Our staff includes:

  • Corrective Action Specialist (CAS)
  • LPST Corrective Action Manager (CAPM)


Phase technicians are certified in the delineation of wetlands and other potential waters of the United States for U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) permit applications under Section 404 of the Clean Water Act and Section 10 of the Rivers and Harbors Act.

  • United States Army Corp of Engineers Delineation Course Certified

Storm Water & Pollution Prevention

With expertise and many years of experience, Phase’s technicians excel at developing effective Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans.

  • Certified Preparer of SWPPP (CPSWPPP) and (CCIS)

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