Licenses & Certifications

How Qualified is your Texas Environmental Consultant?


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Is your Texas Phase One Environmental Consultant:

√ Professional Engineering Firm?

√ Professional Geoscientist Firm?

√ Licensed Asbestos Consultant Agency?

√ Licensed Mold Assessment Company?

√ Certified Lead Firm?

√ LPST Corrective Action Specialist?

√  Professional Liability Errors and Omissions Insurance? (Meeting or exceeding minimum Industry Standard $1,000,000 per occurrence.)

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Phase Engineering, Inc. is a fully qualified and licensed Phase One Environmental Consultant. Call, Email or Use our Online Proposal Request today to get your environmental due diligence started. 


Licenses & Certifications

Phase Engineering, Inc. and the staff at Phase Engineering, Inc. are licensed and certified in all related areas to give the client a more informed and educated solution.

Registered Professional Engineering Firm

Licensed Professional Geoscientist/Geologist Firm


  • Consultant Agency
  • Consultant
  • Project Designer
  • Management Planner
  • Air Monitoring
  • Inspector

Indoor Air Quality 

  • Mold Assessment Technician
  • Mold Assessment Consultant
  • Mold Assessment Company


  • Lead Firm
  • Risk Assessor
  • Inspector

Storage Tanks

  • Corrective Action Specialist (CAS)
  • LPST Corrective Action Manager (CAPM)


  • United States Army Corp of Engineers Delineation Course Certified

Storm Water & Pollution Prevention

  • Certified Preparer of SWPPP (CPSWPPP) and (CCIS)